BmyBit (PreICO)

BmyBit (PreICO)

BmyBit (PreICO)

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BmyBit approached the cryptocurrency market with an aim to provide innovative and unique solutions to the problems which traders must face every day. The platform offers Personal Automated Trading System (PATS), Automated Arbitrage System (AAS), Manual Trading, Digital Exchange, and Private Blockchain. BmyBit also allows to monitor tax expenditure and offers proprietary algo-trading technology which was built to scale globally and is available world-wide.
Registering on BmyBit allows traders to connect with twelve different liquidity providers through API keys, solving the issue of having to monitor each of the exchanges at the same time. BmyBit also provides both inexperienced and experienced traders with all the necessary tools to make trading with cryptocurrencies more profitable and less time consuming. PATS can be customized for the needs of beginner, intermediate, or advanced traders, allowing them to choose different parameters according to their needs, for example the risk level, or the minimum profit. BmyBit also makes it possible to trade manually and recently introduced arbitrage for trading across multiple exchanges.

Ticker: BMYC
Token type: MultiChain
ICO Token price: 1 BMYC = 0.00035372 BTC
Fundraising Goal: 1235.90527 BTC
Sold on pre-sale: 235.437478 BTC
Total Tokens: 3600000
Available for Token Sale: 0.05 BTC
Whitelist: Yes
Bonus for the First: UP TO 0.36
Enter Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.05 BTC
Accepts the following: BTC



Token Sale starts in
0 Years, 8 Months, 26 Days and 2 Hours
235.437478 BTC
1235.90527 BTC 19.05%
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