Horyou, is a unique platform for social good, allowing to share ideas, be inspired and help each other. Horyou connects individuals, organizations and entities fostering social good (https://www.horyou.com/). Blockchain is one of the latest revolutionary technologies. It has taken industries by storm and shown a new way of embracing technology with the most advanced concepts of decentralization, inclusion and participation. Blockchain technology holds great promise. However, up until now, a plethora of interests has flooded Blockchain platforms and projects with speculative strategies, driven by greed and speculation rather than vision and passion. At a time when society is facing worldwide challenges including those mentioned within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we believe in technological advancements that create a fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable world. So, how can Blockchain be at the service of social good? At Horyou, we believe in Blockchain supporting decentralization and bringing social good everywhere in the world. We call it Blockchain with a Purpose. We’re introducing HoryouToken, our utility token built on top of Ethereum Blockchain to fuel the virtuous circle of Horyou interactions. HoryouToken makes it possible for anyone to participate in social good by providing access to a traceable and intelligent philanthropic redistribution service called ‘Proof of Impact’.

Ticker: HYT
Token type: ERC20
ICO Token price: 1 HYT = 0.03 EUR
Fundraising Goal: 108,000,000 EUR
Total Tokens: 3600000000
Whitelist: Yes
Bonus for the First: UP TO 0.2
Accepts the following: ETH, BTC, ADA, EUR, CHF



Token Sale starts in
0 Years, 10 Months, 6 Days and 2 Hours
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